About us

Welcome to Mykea. We are a small creative company that one day came up with a Big Idea! To customize Ikea furniture with amazing designs. But how, you may ask yourself, did it all come about? Well,


After a long and tedious day of shopping in a local Ikea store, we returned to the office. Tired and unwilling to do so we finally unpacked the Ikea furniture and started with the hellish job of putting them together. After we finished and looked at our assembled Ikea furniture, we came to the dire conclusion that our office would consist of three colours, or the lack thereof. White, white and black! Then someone said; wow, this looks kinda naked.


Hence, our slogan: say NO to NAKED Furniture


To supply our office with some well-needed personality we measured all the sizes of our Ikea furniture and asked some creative artsy fartsy friends of ours to provide us with some cool designs. Just to cover up the shameless nakedness and uniformity of the furniture. A local company printed the designs and gave us simple instructions on how to apply them. Incidentally, the company is still our supplier for all the printed stickers. As you can see, everything came about as easy as pie and the results were, and still are, amazing!


After realizing that these designs actually looked cool and gave our office the little personality it was still lacking we sneaked a peek on the Ikea website and concluded that all their products have the same measurements and the same colours worldwide. This insight very quickly became Big Idea!


We are now the company that enables everybody to customize their Ikea furniture and thereby giving their interior a trendy look and making their homes more personal and unique with the MyKea Design Covers.


Mykea; the creative way of covering up the nakedness of Ikea furniture!


We have just launched the MyKea website. We would like to hear your opinion on what Ikea furniture we can add to our collection. In addition, if you have any other great idea, a wish or a recommendation just let us know and we will get back to you!


Thank you for your interest in our story and we hope you will stick with Mykea.


Have fun!