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What is the Delivery time of my Mykea Order?

That depends on where you life. But in most cases, we deliver within 5 till 7 working days. Your orders will be shipped by our shipping company with usually take around 3 days.

Can I check my order status?

Yes you can. We keep you updated on the status of your order. When your MyKea design cover is printed and prepared for shipment your will receive an email. This is the same for shipment, when you order is picked up for shipment you will receive an other email. This way we keep you updated on your order the best way possible.

Do I receive an order confirmation?

Yes you do. As soon as we received your order and payment you will receive an order confirmation email with your personal order number. We advise you not to delete the confirmation mail, and whenever you have any questions about your MyKea design cover please use this order number.

Do I receive an invoice of my MyKea order?

Yes you do. The confirmation mail is also your invoice with your order, order number, price and delivery cost.

Do I pay shipping costs for a MyKea Design Cover.

Yes you have to pay shipping cost, shipping cost depend on where you live, in The Netherlands shipping costs are 6 euro. In the checkout menu you can see how much shipping to your country will be.

Can I return my MyKea Design Cover.

We only take returns within 8 days after you received your order and when the MyKea design cover is in the original packages and have not been used in any way, or if your have tried to to use it. With 'try to use we mean'; remove (parts and corners) of the protection layer from the design cover. For more information please read the Mykea terms & conditions: