What is a Mykea Design Cover

A Mykea Design cover is a unique design to cover up the nakedness of your IKEA furniture. The Mykea designs are for everybody who has IKEA furniture and would like to add some creativity to it. Mykea design covers are made from high quality vinyl stickers witch can be applied onto specific surfaces of Ikea furniture pieces, which Mykea has available in the web shop.


Who designs Mykea Design Covers

The MyKea designs Covers are made by everyone with a great design idea to cover up the Nakedness of your IKEA furniture. Good to know is that all MyKea artists earn money every time one of their design covers is sold.

What are the Mykea Design Covers made from

Mykea has a global cooperation with graphic manufacture Avery Dennison. Together with Avery Dennison the right vinyl product was found to enable consumers to cover their new furniture with the most amazing designs. With a minimum of application time, a maximum chance of success is ensured with this product for a long-lasting makeover of existing furniture.


We are happy to assist

If you have any questions regarding the Mykea products which are not answered in this Q&A or mentioned in the terms and conditions please sent us an email before you order and/or apply your MyKea Design Cover to r-design your IKEA furniture.






How to apply your Mykea Design Cover

The best way to apply your Design Cover onto you IKEA furniture is to follow the instructions on www.thisismykea.com/how-to-cover
Also in the shipping tube we provide you with a instruction manual on how to apply your Mykea Design cover.

Can I create my own design

Yes, you can create your own design cover. At the moment our custom upload tool is under construction, but please do send us the name of your Ikea furniture piece you'd like to redesign, together with your favorite image (png, jpg, gif) or illustrator file (company logo's, vector art, all as AI, EPS). We'll get back to you to help you redesign your Ikea furinture.

email us at: custom@thisismykea.com



Can I easily remove the Mykea Design Cover

All Mykea designs are removable and should leave NO damage to your IKEA furniture. Please use caution when removing the designs. Using a hairdryer to warm up the glue can help in removing your design. Notice that we're not aware of the age and condition of your furniture and therefore cannot be held responsible to damage after removing the designs.


Will Mykea Designs leave a residue when removed from my IKEA furniture? Or damage the IKEA furniture piece?

No, Mykea Design Covers do not leave glue on your IKEA furniture after removing the design cover. Since we are not awareof theage and  condition of your furniture, we cannot guarantee that, after removing your MyKea Designs your IKEA furniture will be in the same condition as before you applied the MyKea design cover. Mykea cannot be held responsible for any damage to your IKEA furniture.


Can I stick a Mykea design cover on a wall?

Yes, you could do that. But we have amazing designs available in our wall design store. These wall design stickers are produced on special Wall film. Therefore we do not recommend to cover your walls with furniture stickers. And also keep in mind that MyKea design covers are made for IKEA furniture and therefore are pre cut. So not all the designs come in one piece. If you like to order a design for you wall witch is not available in the wall design store, send us an email with your special request. www.thisismykea.com/contact


What colours are used to create a Mykea Design Cover

We do print with Forga 27 for CMYK and S-RGB profiles. The colours you see on your computer screen or 95% the colours you will receive on your MyKea Design Cover. Before we ship the design cover our team will check the MyKea Design Covers based on colour and printing mistakes.




How to order an Mykea design Cover?

To order a Mykea design cover is very easy
  1. First you select the IKEA piece of furniture you have at home or would like to see re-designed
  2. Than you choose one of the amazing designs we have available in the mykea shop. You could also upload your own picture with the photo tool.
  3. When you found the design that suites you the most, check it out in the 3d perspective. Maybe there are more variations available you also like.
  4. Now you can just order the Design Cover, payments is possible with Visa, MasterCard and iDeal.
  5. You will receive your MyKea design cover in a special package. Delivery time depends on the destination, but is usually between 5 till 10 working days.

Wich payment methods are available with MyKea?

At Mykea you can pay with Visa card, MasterCard and iDeal.

How long before I receive it my Mykea Design Cover?

That depends on where you live. But in most cases, we deliver within 5 till 7 working days. Your orders will be shipped by our shipping company with usually take around 3-5 days.

Can I check my order status?

Yes you can. We keep you updated on the status of your order. When your Mykea design cover is printed and prepared for shipment your will receive an email. This is the same for shipment, when you order is picked up for shipment you will also receive an email. This way we keep you updated on your order the best way possible.

Do I receive an order confirmation?

Yes you do. As soon as we received your order and payment you will receive an order confirmation email with your personal order number. We advise you not to delete the confirmation mail, and whenever you have any questions about your MyKea design cover please use this order number.

Do I receive an invoice of my MyKea order?

Yes you do. The confirmation mail is also your invoice with your order, order number, price and delivery cost.

Do I pay shipping costs for a Mykea Design Cover

Yes you have to pay shipping cost, shipping cost depend on where you live, in The Netherlands shipping costs are 5.95 euro. In the checkout menu you can see how much shipping to your country will be.

Can I return my Mykea Design Cover

We only take returns within 8 days after you received your order and when the Mykea design cover is in the original packages and have not been used in any way or tried to use. With try to use we mean; remove (parts and corners) of the protection layer from the design cover. For the exact conditions please read the terms and conditions on www.thisismykea.com/terms-and-conditions



How can I become a MyKea Artist

The good thing is that you can become a Mykea artist! if you have a good/ crazy or extraordinary idea on how to Say NO to Naked furniture and redesign IKEA furniture.  We would like to ask you to submit your portfolio to us. This way we can, together, work on creating amazing designs to coverup the nakedness of IKEA furniture. After we have checked your portfolio and created a cool style we will send you the Design kit. The Design kit is available in Adobe Photoshop & Adobe Illustrator.

You can read all the instructions and how we work on www.thisismykea.com/how-to-become-an-artist

have fun!!


Can I make some money by redesigning IKEA furniture

Yes, you do make money every time your Mykea Design Cover has been sold. In your personal artist page we created an earnings overview where you can see how many design cover you have sold, where they are sold and how much you have earned. Checkout www.thisismykea.com/how-to-become-an-artist for more information about how to become an artist.

What will happen when I upload my Mykea Design Cover

After you uploaded your Mykea Design Cover our design team will do a quick check on your design. The reason we do this is because we
  • Would like to make sure your design is placed in the right position on the 3D furniture piece.
  • Like to do a check on the print files to make sure they are ready to be printed.
  • When you found the design that suites you the most, check it out in the 3d perspective. Maybe there are more variations available you also like.
  • We like to make sure your design is not a copy of somebody else his/her work.
  • Do not like violence, sexist art pieces or any other unpleasant stuff.

If all went well you will receive a confirmation email that your design is available in the mykea shop. Ready to be sold.


Can my Mykea Design be rejected

Yes your design can be rejected. We work with our independent design team who will judge all the design before they enter the shop. We do not like to reject designs but it is possible that maybe:
  • Your design is a copy of somebody else his/her work
  • Has a violent, sexual or other unpleasant attitude.
  • Or is just not good enough to be placed in the shop, Needs a little bit more work

More information about how to create a Mykea Design Cover, please read the design manual in the design kit www.thisismykea.com/download-kit