Legal terms & conditions

By becomming a Mykea Artist you agree to the terms and conditions and copyright transfer described in this agreement.


Copyright transfer

The Parties

WOEFER BV Hoogte Kadijk 74, 1018 BP Amsterdam, operates under the brand Mykea, the website and is hereinafter referred to as "Mykea" &

The (legal) person who signs copyrighted work, in the form of Mykea Design Covers (MDC) over to Mykea and agrees with the provisions in this document regarding the transfer of copyrights in exchange for royalty fees, to be later determined, hereinafter called the designer,

By stating "I Agree" hereby agree as follows,


Article 1: Transfer.

1. The parties hereby declare a copyright agreement to be entered into regarding the designs delivered to Mykea (called Mykea Covers Design, abbreviated MDC). Designer transfers the copyrights to Mykea through this agreement.

A Mykea Cover Design is at the exact dimensions, selected by Mykea, Ikea furniture graphic design high-quality sticker, which can be sold to consumers through the website, amongst others.


Article 2: Exclusivity

1. The designer grants Mykea permission to disclose, reproduce and reproduce for commercial and non commercial purposes the exclusive designs, titles and copyrights used in the design, referred to in Article 1 of this Agreement,
2. The right to be allowed to edit, modify, adapt, including on the basis of colour, resize, adding typography and adding additional elements to the design, whereby the designer surrenders his moral right to such adjustments.
3. The right to use the design for promotional purposes for Mykea in any capacity.
4. This agreement is exclusive for the designs’ duration term of the copyright.
5. This agreement applies globally
6. The duration of the contract begins on the date of acceptance by the designer.
7. Designer is not allowed to use or deploy the design, the design components, individually or in any way by others, for other commercial purposes during the contract.
8. Designer is not allowed to create publicity with the design, either independently or on request of others without permission from Mykea.
9. Mykea has the right to remove the designer’s design from the site without giving any reason and remove it from the web shop whereby, Mykea has two weeks’ time to return the copyright of the design back to the designer.


Article 3: Safeguard

1. Designer agrees that the entire copyright in the design, and its possible components, transfer, possession have not been previously published or used for competitive commercial purposes. Designer indemnifies Mykea against all third party claims in this regard.
2. Designer shall waive the copyright rights in art. 25.
3. Mykea is not required by law to mention any name when reproducing.


Article 4. Compensation

1. Designer will receive royalty fees of 10% of the sales price excluding VAT of every sold MDC on designed by the designer.
2. The compensation described in Article 5.1 will be paid to the designer once every quarter, before which the designer is asked to provide their financial data to Mykea through the site thus allowing payment prior to sale of the MDC. If the designer fails to provide the financial data to Mykea, Mykea is not required to pay the prescribed fee as specified in Article 5.1 to the designer.
3. If the designs of the designer are removed from the website by Mykea the designer will receive the compensation as defined in Article 5.1 until then. Designer has no rights to the draft decision to remove any designs and cannot claim any additional fees.


Article 5. Accounting Inspection

1. The designer has the right to ask Mykea for an annual statement of the number of designs designed by the designer sold via
2. Designer has the right (but will give notice within a reasonable time) at any time (through designating joint Parties) to appoint an accountant on his costs to check the books and other administrative records of Mykea to ensure correct observance of the contract and the statement as referred to in Article 6, in particular.
3. If, upon inspection, as provided in paragraph 2, there is a difference of more than 10% in the designer’s disadvantage, Mykea will take on the accountant’s costs.


Article 6.

1. This agreement is governed by Dutch law.